Thursday, July 1, 2010

So I Was Thinking...

So, I was thinking...I might stitch up a ladybug pattern.
I seem to have a number of new ones once again.

And yet, I am still taken with chicken motifs.

And I've found a couple of new charts.
This one has polka-dot chickens!
The chart is called "Saltbox Chickens Thread Palette Prims" kit and it by Island Cottage.  I found it on ABC Stitch Therapy's website.

I also was told of a very cute blog called The Polka Dot Chicken - check it out. 

I think though, that this Heart in Hand kit, called "Chicken" will be my next stitch.  There is nothing to match the convenience and instant gratification of a kit - chart, fibers, floss, and embellishments all there - ready to stitch.

Mules Ears

This time of year, some of the sunny meadows nearby are ablaze with golden flowers.  These are commonly called Mule's Ears because of the shape of the leaves - long and narrow.  The Latin name is Wyethia amplexicaulis. 

This area also has Coreopsis...

and Bachelor Buttons.
I think someone amended the Mule's Ears with a generic wildflower mix. 

I call my sister's garden a heritage garden.  She inherited it from neighbors who began gardening on the site in the late 1930's.  This is one of the heirloom roses that still survives.  Each year it has but one or two blossoms - they last only two or three days - but they are exquisitely lovely and a remembrance of people and times past. 


Elaine said...

Love all those chicken charts you are going to stitch and thanks for sharing those lovely flower photos.

Jane said...

Hi Beth
Just found you on TerriBoog's blog so popped over to take a look.
Love your posts and anything with chickens or roosters works for me!
I love the HIH kit and think there's 4 in the set which are all really sweet.
I've stitched one of your charts Wee Rooster which I put on my blog back in the early days, again it's such a fun design and if you're after another chicken project then The Stitching Shed has one called chicken which I completed a few weeks back, great colours in this one.
Look forward to seeing your W.I.Ps.
(Buttons & Stitches x x x)