Friday, July 9, 2010

Yet Another Ladybug...And Darling Diantus

I think I am glad this is not a life-sized ladybug - yikes!
I'm stitching this Alessandra Adelaide freebie on 26 count linen and it is turning out to be a sizable insect!

Today is supposed to be the end of our +90F days - hap, hap, happy about that.  Last evening was the first time this year that it was hot and muggy.  We stopped off at Prince Puckler's for ice cream, brought it home on ice and enjoyed it in the gloaming watching the brown bats flit about.  The perfect ending to an uncomfortably warm day.

My dianthus are enjoying the heat - I am enjoying their primary colors and spicy lily-like scent.


Eastern Star

Tiny Rubies


Super Parfait Strawberry

Dainty Dame

Peach Moss Roses (lost the tag)

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