Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wednesday Chicken Report

Our neighbors have several hens...
They are friendly, social ladies, and came running over to greet me.

Heart in Hand kit, Trilogy chart, and Heart in Hand chart

Could they be the inspiration for my recent purchase of the above "Chicken Charts"?  I am thinking my next stitch will be the cute kit on the far left of the photo.

There are four large hens, and one bantam hen. 
The bantam thinks she is every bit as big as the other girls.

Even though she is not.

On the plant front, my hens and chicks and echiverias are thriving.

I so enjoy watching the green growth.

My sedum / sempervivum collection is doing great!
Note the hen and chick clay planters on the ground - the middle one is a quail, but we do not discriminate!


Olga said...

What a nice post. The neighbor hens are cute, and your plants are so pretty. Those hen planters are lovely.

Jami said...

So cute- One day I will have some hens, too (dreaming....). Thanks for sharing at the TGP!

Heather said...

Hello from a fellow Oregonian:)

So nice to have visitors... I hope you get some eggs every once in a while! The cross stitch will be darling.

Your sedum collection is impressive! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from TGP.