Thursday, July 8, 2010

Duh Ladybug - Revisted

I originally posted this as a "finish" back on May 24th.  At that point it was a naked ladybug - missing its spots!  The chart showed white buttons, but I preferred to use black.  The JABC buttons finally arrived, and I've now stitched them on - so the Duh Ladybug is finally "dressed".

Yesterday was a scorcher - over 95F - 80F at 9:30pm.  This part of the world usually cools off quickly in the evening, so 80F at 9:30pm was a heat challenge for us.  Fortunately I live outside of town at a higher altitude at it had cooled down to 70F by 10:00pm.  Today is supposed to be another hot day - perhaps a record-breaker.

On the Nature front, we have babies everywhere you look.  One doe has a fawn, another has a set of twins.  Our swallows in the green birdhouse are busying feeding their chirping youngsters.  Most baby birds are homely beyond belief.  The one exception?  

California Quail
I took this photo through the car window a couple of evenings ago.  You can see Momma Quail leading the parade, and Dad Quail bringing up the rear.  We counted nine babies.  At this point, the babies are so small, they look like brown fluffy marshmallows on legs.  

The Barns Swallows are still brooding - their eggs have not yet hatched.


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