Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lizard Finish and Thursday Morning Gardening Chores

Design - "Cold as a Lizard"
Designer - Birds of a Feather
Fabric - 28 count Antique Pink linen
Fibers - GAST
Started - 20 July 2010
Completed - 21 July 2010

Unusual colors - makes a striking piece I think.  I certainly never thought I'd stitch a lizard, but I love the perspective - looking down on the reptile.
Our lizards certainly aren't cold right now - they are basking in the +85F temperatures. 

This morning the weather was perfect (for me) - cool and clear with lots of shade.  Get me in the least bit of sun, and I am uncomfortable working.
I bought a couple of replacement plants - some sedum for my strawberry planters and my sedum bench.

I got everything planted (and some things repotted / replanted) by 9:00am.

I am pleased with my shade garden.  It's in a nook on the back porch.

And I think my sedum / sempervivum display rocks too!

Happy Stitching and Good Gardening to everyone!

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