Saturday, December 2, 2023

Saturday's Critters

Squirrels and deer 

Such good climbers!

And they can get most anywhere.

The twins have become pretty bold.

Female on left, male on the right.

He is substantially bigger than his sister.

I have been so worried about her, as most of the late summer and the fall she has gimped around not putting any weight on her back right leg. 

In the last couple of weeks though, she is walking with out a limp/gimp and seems to have revocery from her injury. 

There's Mom in the background keeping an eye on things as mothers are wont to do. 

The twins share with no bullying which is nice to see.


Pam C said...

The twins are just precious. They (or I guess she) personify the term “doe eyes”. Maybe it should be termed “fawn eyes”. I’m so glad baby girl is putting weight on her back leg now. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Beth, I love the pictures of the twins. They are just so precious. Any Barry sightings?