Monday, August 31, 2015

Go Mom Go!

Design - "Freedom" (zipper kit)
Designer - Bent Creek
Fabric - 18 count linen
Fibers - DMC & WDW -#5 Pearl 
Started - 13 August 2015
Completed - 30 August 2015

My Mom is on a stitching roll!  She loves all things red, white and blue so this was a perfect project for her to work on. The 18 count linen made a nice, upscale change from the Aida she usually stitches.

Charlene (no-reply on blogger) asked about stitching on a frame.  I am really lazy and instead of whip-stitching the fabric to the frame, I use oodles of Scotch tape!  As I usually have 3" margins around the design, I cannot see that the tape hurts in the linen any.  

We've had a Great Blue Heron flying overhead. 

There are still a few Black-headed Grosbeaks lingering.

Here's a male.

And this is my Mystery Bird.
It may just be a young Robin though it looks like it has white bars on the wings.

Nice groups of Cedar Waxwings come by morning and evening when the light is low.

Here's a young bird.

He's got the serious Cedar Waxwing frown down pat already. 

Better light so the yellow-tipped tails glow. 

Look at the tail feathers in flight!

Last week's Best Birds!
Two female Western Tanagers!

Thanks for stopping by ladies.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Battling Birds

I am going kind of crazy taking photos of hummingbirds as in a month or so the Rufous Hummingbirds will head south.  So I am enjoying them while they are still here.

The Rufous battle of possession of the Mudroom Flowerbed - tail feathers fanned out.

This was an extremely hot day. 

Birds have not sweat glands, so they cannot sweat.
They pant instead. Panting cools the bird's airways and helps to lower their internal temperature.

A cooler day, a happier Anna.

Anna on the look out.



On full alert 

Rufous at the feeder

Male Anna

Female Rufous

Female Anna

Female Anna on verbana

Aren't those darling little feet?

"No one get's to use the feeder without my permission!"

Male Anna

Gleaming feathers

Glad to have a male Anna active in the area once again.

And we're back to the the Battling Rufous!

I'm linking up with Nature Notes - take a look!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Critters

Three fawns, yes three in the flowerbed.

Looking at me through the window.

We've had an orphan fawn. I think it is now hanging out with this doe and her twins.  That works! 


A Close Encounter

Hey bunny!

Still looking

Poor bunny has a couple of notches in his ears and a wound on the front right. It can be tough being prey!

Do the Bunny Hop!

Nose to nose


Friday, August 28, 2015

Ark Animals and Ark Birds

I know, I've hardly started one ark and here I am with another kitted up.  I am thinking that September will be Catch Up month as I have several large stitches that are far from done - so what's one more?

I need to find a Noah's Ark that features birds besides the ubiquitous doves.

While there are Wild Turkeys with in 1/2 mile of our house, we do not often see them.  I was thus pleased to see this hen and her three chicks down by our Big Bird Feeder. 

The chicks are pretty good sized.

Mama is still in charge though.

The babies voted for a morning nap in the sunshine.

Mama agreed to no more than ten minutes before moving off.

I have oodles of American Goldfinches in the feeders and...

..on the ground.  I'd estimate well over 50 birds.

They love the seeds of the verbena bonariensis.  

I continue to see a Black-headed Grosbeak everyday. These stragglers must be taking the last train out of town!   

Papa Quail...

...and his crew of kids come by several times a day.

I continue to see Cedar Waxwings too.

Same bird - all puffed up!

Two younger birds - they've got that rumpled just got out of bed teenager look to them.