Monday, February 29, 2016

An Extra Day

Seriously, it's the last day of the month - an 'extra' day.  I need to get this finished today.  How do you intend to use your 'extra' leap day?

With mild temperatures, the Robins are more active and are singing.

I just love my Chestnut-backed Chickadees.

I found a pressed mix of seeds and nuts that they adore.

Yea, you!

It's nice to have them around.

I must have 25 Oregon Juncos.  They work away in the feeders and also are active ground feeders.

I have just one White-throated Sparrow.  But I see the bird most days.

There are several Fox Sparrows...

...and even more Spotted Towhees.

I've had as many as fifteen Pine Siskins.  About the time the American Goldfinches return in April, these birds will depart to the northern boreal forests of Canada.

My flock of House Finches is growing too.  There are close to a dozen birds and they will be here all spring and summer.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Squirrels

Goodness but the gray squirrels have been active lately.

Three of them chasing each other...

...while this one watches from overhead.

But wait!

Brown squirrel gets displaced by this guy! 

 Meanwhile... another one eats on the ground...

...and on the woodpile.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Critters

I am not often able to take a photo of two chippies!

They are loving these mild February days.

They certainly look fat and happy.

I got to pet one on Thursday morning.

Love the whiskers in the sunlight.

Perfect chipmunk cubby-hole.

Eat up before the gray squirrels arrive!

I watched a bunny as I fed the chipmunks.

The grass is green and.. looks like it is pretty tasty!

Friday, February 26, 2016

First Time Birds for 2016

I've seen skeins of Canada Geese several times this year, but I think they are so pretty, I had to share my latest photos.  

Amazing how closely they fly in formation.

This Wild Turkey is a first-timer for 2016. 

She appeared to be alone.

She ate sunflower seeds and hung around for most of a day, but I've not seen her again.

And here's another 'firster' for 2016, and honestly no cause for celebration in my book.  Two Band-tailed Pigeons showed up on Wednesday. 

They are such bullies and pigs at the feeders, that I have to change out my feeding stations and remove the plastic trays in an effort to deter them.  Nonetheless, they are a sign of spring.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Heart Stitch Birds With a Heart

I know, I just shared my out-of-control pile of WIP's; and yet, here I am with another start!

Here's my Woodpecker tally for the week.

The little female Downy Woodpecker has been active this week.

I am glad she feels comfortable coming to the feeder.

I am hopeful that by this summer I will have some youngsters at the feeder with her.

The larger female Hairy Woodpecker has been in the trees nearby.
She 'talks' loud and long so is easy to spot.

Again - hoping for babies!

And look at this!  My sister gifted me with this wonderful tile for Valentine's Day.

I am always pleased to see my Acorn Woodpecker couple.

I posted this photo on a Facebook bird group page, and someone commented that the birds formed a heart - they do, don't they?

They've been very active at my peanut feeders.

The Flickers have started to court.  They are now drumming on the roof of the house in the morning - that's my wake up call.

We have several Flickers in the area.

They do not care for the peanuts, but are mad for the suet.

With guys and gals, there should be baby Flickers come spring!