Sunday, August 31, 2014

Everything in late August is Taupe and Brown

It's late August. Everything 'natural' is brown and crisp and dry.
The deer linger close to the house in search of a bit of green and moisture...

...and a morning nap.

Why not?

Have a rest!

I can't think of a caption for this!

This deer was bounding around - running and playing.

Even though I spray deer repellent, the deer are working over the flowerbeds pretty hard now.  

They'll eat most anything that's green this time of year.

And they aren't overly bother by me chastising them!

You talking to me lady?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hummingbird Saturday

The small Maple tree is a favorite perch for the Hummingbirds. 

I thought all the Rufuous Hummingbirds had left.

But in looking at these photos, I have to change that statement to most of the Rufous have left. 

There are still a couple around.

Enjoying my plants for a few more days...

...before they depart.

Take your time leaving!

The Anna's will stay here even in the depths of Winter.

Right now my Fuchsias are the preferred food source.

Somehow this whole hoovering business is just fascinating! 

Wings beating so fast they are a blur.

Precision flying

Precision perching (Rufous once again!)

This fat little one has to be a fledgling.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Bunnies and Cats

When I last showed off "Hare Crossing" on August 15th, this is as much of the rabbit as I had stitched.

I think you'll agree I've made some substantial progress since then.

August is fast coming to an end. My goal for the month was to finish up several of the UFOs / WIPs that I had piling up.

Heading into the holiday weekend here's how things stand:
Bent Creek, "December Swirls" - finished
Bent Creek, "Happy Halloween" - finished
Crown and Thistle, "Spring And Summer" - finished
Shepherd's Bush, "July" - finished
The Prairie Schooler, "May" - finished 

Cottage Garden Samplings - "September's Morning Glory" - almost done
The Prairie Schooler - "November" - good progress
Mosey 'N Me - "Hare Crossing" - good progress
Little House Needleworks - "1776" - never made it into my stitching rotation

The Holiday Weekend...I'll be attending the first University of Oregon football game on Saturday. 

I think Tom-Cat and Padma can provide us with a preview.

They rather look like opposing linemen!

But this post was supposed to be about bunnies, right? 


Then big, bad grumpy bunnies it is.

Enjoying some morning sun.

Keeping an eye out for predators.

The pause before the ebullient hopping begins.

Bunny Games.
They do play with one another. I just wish I could get a good photo of them frolicking about. 

Are those Quail coming around to bother me again?

Yep, here they come!  

I'll just hop out of the way.

All I want is to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine.


Darned Quail - no sense of Personal Space!

And why did that guy mow all the dandelions anyway?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Presenting a Robin

Design - "May"
Chart - "Spring and Fall"
Designer - The Prairie Schooler
Fabric - 32 count natural linen
Fibers - DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 26 May 2014
Completed - 22 August 2014 

A UFO has gone from a WIP to finished!
I am so pleased with this finish!  I love the colors - the rust of the Robin's breast - the yellow and blue of the flowers - the green grass.

Though I've not seen any Robins lately, I have had plenty of birds to keep me (and the cats) interested.

The Goldfinches are busy in the Elderberry. So it is no wonder I never see any berries.  I think they eat them as soon as the berries set.

My Goldfinch numbers have dropped appreciably from the high of 50 or more that I had a couple of weeks ago.

I now see 10-15 birds at the feeders and in the shrubs close by.

I have fewer Black-headed Grosbeaks as well.

My California Quail have melded and merged into one large group of around 25 birds.

There are several adult males and females who keep watch and manage the movements of the covey.

The youngsters are now 3/4 the size of the adults.

They have the gangly, just-out-of-bed appearance of teenagers! 

This past week I've heard a Hairy Woodpecker or two as they flown around the edges of the property.  I was pleased to see one - even from afar.

Also from afar and upon high, another sighting of my female Western Tanager. 

This is my nice surprise.  I heard an unusual bird call and looked up. The Wilson's Warbler came by for all of 30 seconds and I managed to 'capture' a pretty decent shot of this lovely little bird.