Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Here's What I Chose

Here's a collage of the twelve pieces that made the cut and will be framed. All three Birds of a Feather including the fox made the finals.  It is like Christmas when I get them back and get my first look at them.  I will share the finished products with you when I get the call that they are done.

I've had some sweet birds lately.

I had two Wrentits singing away.

They are such elusive birds, I am always excited to 'find' one.

The shaded photo makes it difficult to see that the bill is open and the bird is singing.

A pause in the concert.

Back again singing and singing!

The Western Wood-Pewee did not sing...

..but he treated me to a classic display of 'fly-catching'...

He perched atop a tree then flew a short distance to snag an insect, returning to his perch before sallying off again for another snack. 

Papa Quail wanted a dust bath...

The kids said, "Us too!".

And this little one said, "Wait for me!"

Monday, July 30, 2018

Fill in the Bird

One more flower on the right to stitch and then it's just a matter of fill in the bird! I think I'm going to change the eye a bit as well - I don't think it stands out.

It seems I once again have a collection of Yellow Bird photos. 

We start off with a male Wilson's Warble who was hanging out with American Goldfinches. 

You can see he is a much, much brighter yellow than the finches. 

Isn't that a sweet little bird? 

Many of my male American Goldfinches have begun to lose their bright yellow courting colors.

Now their main role is as a dad - feeding fluttering fledglings. (Love the alteration of that!)

And look at this bright yellow guy!

A male Western Tanager came by for the briefest of moments.

And while a very pale yellow, it was a huge thrill to hear and then find two Bullock's Orioles.  I was able to take this less than satisfactory photo of the female.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Happy Ending

I don't think I've ever seen a baby chipmunk before.

Here's the larger parent 'munk.

Both of them.

Pretty adorable.

Big brown eyes.

Here are the twins... #1.


And a big crowd.

Originally I was not going to share the story of the orphaned fawn I saw crying and bleating Thursday.  The poor deer tried to pair up with several different does and they all aggressively rejected the baby.

Thursday night I had hopes that the due with the twins might let an extra baby tag along - the twins were most interested while the orphan was skittish but interested.

Then on Friday morning I witnessed a mother / child reunion.
The fawn ran up to this doe crying and 'talking' and immediately tried to nurse.  While the doe did not allow the baby to nurse, she did not reject it (perhaps she is weaning it).    

The two of them have been together all day. 

I like a happy ending, don't you?

Saturday, July 28, 2018

This and That

This Anna's perfectly matches the Salvia 'Amistad'. 

She's guarding it from all other humming individuals.

That bunny...

...what a big nose he has!


Ironically he's nibbling on rabbit's foot clover!

And Queen Ann's Lace.

Love this face! 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Remember This?

The last time I posted an update on Heartstring Samplery's Redwing Blackbird was back in early June.  I've not worked on it since until I pulled it out on Monday and began working on it again.  It looks like a black blob rather than a blackbird - a bill and legs will help and that's what I shall stitch next.

We've been hot, hot, hot.  

On 90f+ days the water I provide for the birds might be more important than the food I set out. 

After having a drink, this young Oregon Junco decided to take the plunge.

Cautiously stepping deeper...

...and deeper.

Ah - bath time!  So refreshing!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

These Are Under Consideration Too

I just unearthed these three Birds of a Feather finishes.  I've stitched the entire series and have had three or so framed, so I'm thinking that I should frame one or two more. The fox is whispering my name...

I've heard Western Wood-pewees on and off this summer.

The other evening I think I finally got a glimpses of one.

It was getting duskish and the light was low.

No worries about light for this photo of a Rufous Hummingbird.

I have an Aloe blooming and it is a hummingbird magnet.

The flowers are perfectly shaped to attract the birds. 

My feeders are still popular too.