Monday, February 25, 2019


This is what I woke up to this morning!

The snow began about 11:30pm last night.

I spent over an hour yesterday prepping  my bird feeders for the storm.

It's a heavy, wet snow.

At 5:30am we had 6" now we have close to 8" and it is still snowing.

It looks so very pretty.

We are lucky that we have a generator as we lost power about 5am.

I went outside about 5:30am and the sky lit up several times with blue/white flashes as transformers popped and power lines crashed down.  

This is thick heavy snow.

I worry about limbs coming down.

Fortunately the Douglas fir trees are pretty good about shaking off the snow.

I'll be interested to see what the day brings.

I'm supposed to go to work at 9:30am, but the county has not yet plowed our road...

I did have a real thrill this morning while I was taking these photos.

Out in the falling, blowing snow I heard and watched this guy fly over to the feeder.

It gave me goose-bumps to watch him flying in the snow.

I'm so glad that I have feeders out for him. 

I'll be interested to see what birds come by today.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday's Hummers

This female Anna's is watching a male perform is courting dance.

He flies high straight up in the air and then bombs down making a u-turn at the last minute.

She did not look all that impressed.

It's a little early yet to be nesting here.

Better wait a bit.

The courting is thirsty work.

Take 5 and relax.

You've got this!

There's a new active hummingbird nest live cam in southern California.  Click here for a look.  You can see the eggs when the female is away from the nest.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday's Critters

I've not managed to get any deer photos lately.
Rest assured they are fat and healthy with thick winter coats.

The chippers are healthy too.

The brush bunnies are nice and plump.

They wisely stick to the under brush to forage for food.

I've been known to toss some sunflower seeds their way.

Friday, February 22, 2019


Design - "Twin Hearts"
Designer - Brightneedle
Fabric - 28 count cream linen
Fibers - Anchor - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - February 2011
Competed - 14 March 2011

I think this is one of my favorite Valentine designs - I like the addition of some bronze and yellow - I might have to get this framed some day.

I'll leave you today with a couple of Steller's Jay silhouettes.

They are very easy to recognize in profile!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday's Heart

Design - "Stack of Hearts" (kit)
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric - 32 count Natural Belfast linen
Floss - WDW & GAST
Started - 19 February 2011
Completed - 19 February 2011 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wednesday's Moonlight Celebration

Did you have a chance to step outside Monday night?

The Snow Moon was pretty remarkable.

We lucked out with clear skies.

The moon was HUGE and clear and the different shades were easily apparent to the naked eye.

Lots of rain makes for lots of moss..

..and encourages seeds to germinate - even if they are still on the plant.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I'm Late

Design - "Sweet Exemplary"
Designer - Ewe & Eye & Friends
Fabric - 28 count Bittersweet Lakeside linen
Fibers - GAST Simply Shaker "Pomegranate"
1 thread over 2 strands
Started - 2 February 2012
Completed - 3 February 2012

I am late with today's post.  Trying to get ready for a short trip up to Seattle for the NW Flower and Garden Show. It is the 2nd largest show after Philadelphia and has some amazing display gardens.  I'll share photos next week when I'm back home. 

I did participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count.

I had a couple of usual for me birds including a Golden-crowned Kinglet and this blurry Red-winged Blackbird.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Red Letter Day

Red stitching and birds today.  I am working on the snowman's wine colored sweater...

While out in the natural world. 

There's lots of red...

including a Red-breasted Sapsucker.

The Acorn Woodpeckers have bright red caps. 

All three birds have been active.  Here are two...

...and the third bird.

All three together.

Both males came to the backyard to eat.

Number #1

Number #2

Male Flicker with bright red cheeks.

And a female Flicker.

She wanted suet...

...but had to wait her turn.

She's ready to eat!