Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Design - "Three Great White Pumpkin" (kit)
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric - 32 count Tumbleweed linen
Floss - GAST - 2 threads over 2 strands 
Started - 11 October 1999
Completed - 22 October 1999

With their bright yellow beaks and feet, don't you think the Band-tailed Pigeons look as though they are wearing costumes?
I was always sure I was totally disguised and unrecognizable at Halloween.  I found a cute cartoon that illustrates the point perfectly.

The other evening I was pleased to see a small Hummingbird Hawk-moth working on a herb.  It has a long 'nose' and it hovers and 'hums' - all making it closely resemble a hummingbird while feeding on flowers.  I photographed a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth last summer and you can see it here.

A rather omnious sky.  Perfect for Halloween night!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animal Sightings

I saw this very large 'Garden Art Rabbit' at a local nursery.
Is it cute, or just plain scary?

While walking to catch a bus to the U. of Oregon football game Saturday morning, I spied this group of deer... 

The herd of five is not just cool art; they provide the means to safely lock up bicycles!

As it was Game Day, the cut flower bouquets reflected school colors.

Saturday after the Game, I counted 25 California Quail in the backyard.

With no snow forecast in the Pacific NW, I was the recipient of in a lovely sunset too.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Colors

Outside the Big Leaf Maples blaze with color.

Inside we are using the same color pallet to decorate.

I think this small glass pumpkin might be my favorite Fall decoration.

We have "Apple" by Franciscan Ware, and Emma Bridgewater's "Pumpkin" on display in the Cupboard. Quite festive I think.
Now, all we need to do is buy Halloween candy.  Are we expecting Trick-or-Treaters?  No.  But one must be prepared, right? 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hissy Fits

What should I stitch next?
I put it to a vote...


..and Padma...

...and Parvati all agreed!

"Hiss" by Lizzie Kate was the winner by a landslide!

The weather remained lovely Thursday, so my Mother and I went to a local nursery for some Fall color.
This time of year pumpkins are everywhere.

The display of Heuchera showed off their charms from bright green to dark purple/black.  

There was a nice display of plants with Fall color - leaves and berries both. 

We bought a couple ornament Kale...

and some Pansies...

...and a couple of Cyclamen. 
Now - the mission is to get them planted before the rain returns! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Last Hurrah!

Design - "Boo Sampler" Flora McSample kit
Designer -Lizzie Kate
Fabric - 28 count Lilac Cashel linen
Fibers - WDW 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 14 October 2011
Completed - 26 October 2011

I'm pleased with this stitch.  I like the unusual colors of fabric and fibers used to create this Halloween piece.

On Sunday afternoon my Sister and I went down to her Dahlia Garden.
With a forecast of frost in the near future, she wanted to pick some bouquets.

I think her "Persian Carpet" Zinnias were without equal.

Here's a look at the lovely autumnal bouquet.

I think they are quite striking against the deep purple garden bench.

There was still alot of color in the Dahlias Garden on Sunday.

This is the Dahlia bouquet my Sister put together.

It turned out to be a The Last Hurrah as we had a killing frost Monday evening.  It was lovely while it lasted!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Wednesday, We're Walking...

Progress continues with "Boo Sampler".  I'm trying to decide if I want to stitch 'Flora' as charted or attempt to change it to 'Beth'...I have changed the year from '10 to '11....or was that supposed to be her age?

Brrrrr! We had a hard frost last night, I think it's no more than 28F and everything is glittering in the sun.  Even with the cold, we have had lovely sunny weather this week, so no excuses, bundle-up and let's take a walk. 

Earlier this month I posted photos of a group of Cedar Waxwings flitting about munching on berries.  I've been pondering what it was they were eating, and I've decided it was the berries of the Cascara trees.  

In Autumn sometimes the mundane is lovely - like these Blackberry leaves.

And there is beauty in small things too, like this moss.

It is always a joy to see a young Oak tree.  They take so very long to mature.  We have several Adult Oak trees, but few Juveniles, and fewer Babies.    

Again, for Oregon anyway, the mundane - Vine Maple ablaze with color.

And more Blackberries - I like the fine cutwork of these leaves.  They remind me of some of the lovely Japanese Maple cultivars.

 The Thimbleberry is still very green and looking like summer...

...but for the first time I could hear the sound of flowing water in the Big Creek. 

I spied this hole in a young Ash tree - it looks to be the perfect home for someone - Who?  (Owl pun!) 

Look at the amazing clusters of cinnamon colored berries on the Madrone.  I read that Cedar Waxwings love these berries.  Maybe I'll get lucky and see a group working in this tree.

I don't think anyone likes the berries of the wild Honeysuckle.  They certainly are pretty...and everywhere!  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stitching for Summer, Gardening for Winter

In the Stitching World I'm still working on Chessie's "Quaker Bee Sampler" - a summer-themed stitch.

In the Gardening World I've readied my plants for Winter. 

I began working at "Winterizing" the Front Porch and Back Patio last Monday. 
I've worked 2-3 hours each morning.  I've been lucky as the weather has been comfortable and mild.
I moved my Salvias and Agastaches to a protected nook...

I said Good-bye to my lovely (tender) annual Coleus plants. 

Monday I put in 4 1/2 hours and worked with my 35 Fuchsias.
I gave them a drink of water and cut them back hard.

Some of the Fuchsias are "Hardy", and can spend the Winter on the Back Patio.  Many of them though are "Tender" and will reside in my mini-greenhouse.  

The Front Porch is empty of most of the 186 pots.

I've left the Hostas to spend the Winter under my picnic benches.
They will die back in the next couple of days as we are expecting sub-freezing temperatures.  I'll then cut off their yellowed leaves, and they will hibernate until April or so.

I've set out a few Pansies and Violas for Winter color.  I'll probably buy a few more, and maybe some Ornamental Kale or Cyclamen.

Some of the semi-tender plants are under the eaves on the Back Patio.  These Agaves and Sedums will tolerate temperatures down to 25F.  On the West-facing Patio they will also benefit from any Winter sunshine that might appear. 

On a clear, but cold windy day, Parvati knows to stay in a Back Patio nook for warmth.

My little greenhouse is full to the brim.  Last winter was my first experience with it, and it came through with flying colors.  Though it is unheated, the plants inside never froze, even with temperatures down to 15F.

It's the repository for tender Fuchsias...

...and Begonias and Echeverias.
Now I need to put away my pots.
But that's for another day!