Thursday, March 31, 2011

Basketball, Stitching, and Other Random Thoughts

What does a chicken have to do with basketball?  Well this small Prairie Schooler piece is my companion at University of Oregon basketball games.  While most schools are done with basketball Oregon has been playing in the CBI Tournament.  Last night they beat Creighton in a best of three series.  The series is now tied up, the Championship game will be in Eugene on Friday - College Basketball in April!  Who'da thunk it!  So anyway as this piece is very portable, I took it to the game last night and stitched a bit before the game, during TV time-outs, and at half time.  It now looks like a fat little on to add the chicks! 

The days continue to be gray, gray, gray.   But Spring provides its own splashes of color. 




Yet more Pansies...

More daffodils - I love the contrast of the while outer petals against the butter-yellow trumpets.

And a blue smiling face!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Little Progress...Health and Stitching

I am pleased to be able to report: I stitched!
I worked on Cedar Hill's "Bouquet for March" a bit last evening.  I got tired of working on the brown alphabet, so after a few letters, I switched over to start on a cyclamen blossom.  Lovely colors - very true to the actual plants.

As for the Great rained non-stop yesterday.  A thin fine cold rain, so I decided it best to stay inside.  I had hoped to share some photos, but like the fisherman, all my stories are about the "ones that got away."  I saw a group of five Band-tailed Pigeons, but they scattered.  Then around noon I noticed a small hawk resting on the birdbath.  Needless to say, there was not another bird in sight!  Again by the time I got my camera ready, the hawk left just as I'd begun to to focus!  Darn! 

The Steller's Jay was the only good photo I took yesterday.
Today is supposed to be rain-free, so I hope to at least march around the outside of the house and take a look at the Great Outdoors.  This getting well is a long hard business!  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Report

No stitching yesterday....didn't feel well enough - spent the day in bed reading and I think I might have turned the corner.  We shall see.

It's still too wet and cold to do much outdoors...I have some sedums I could pot up...if I felt better and if the weather were better I might get at it!

As it is, I look daily for the return of of our sign yet.

I think the quail are starting to pair up...

And the chipmunks are more active...

Have you found a Springtime Sweetheart yet?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Feeling Better...a Bit

Thanks for all the kind comments re my "Ill-wellness".  It sounds as though I am not the only one who has been battling something on-and-off for most of the Winter.  Misery, after all, does love company.  As I now own stock in Vicks, and Bayer, and various other Pharmaceutical companies, I am hopeful that I can "get over it"...soon!

 The mail on Saturday brought a nice "pick me up".

I've seen this Blackbird Design piece on several blogs and thought it lovely.   Nicole offered it on her sale page and I was able to purchase it for a more than reasonable price.

One of our "Mystery Wildflowers" has reappeared for a new year.  It is an interesting plant with the backside of the leaves gray and fuzzy.  Later on it will have small blue forget-me-not type flowers.     

An Anna Hummingbird...I'm wondering...when will the Rufous Hummingbirds  return? 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick of Being Sick

Little to no stitching progress...because, once again, I am battling a cold.  I think I have had a cold of some sort since the beginning of January.  Is anyone else out there sick of being sick?  I sure am!

As Spring marches on these frilly daffodils are now in bloom...

...and some Grape Hyacinths have managed to spread and naturalize...

My Medical Consulant says if you are sick, get plenty of rest!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bunnies Everywhere

Since as of late, I'm practically falling over bunnies...and Easter is on its way, I thought I'd apply myself to this Stone and Thread kit.   

This week has been Spring Break for most of the local schools...
and a typical Oregon Spring Break with gray, wet, cold weather.

Sometimes I think it is the best "critter watching weather".

This bunny popped out of the Brier patch... 

...and another had breakfast with his pal, Mr C. Quail.

It must be Spring as I tripped over bunnies everywhere!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Prairie Schooler Stash

I was pleased to receive the above three charts in the mail recently.
I do so look forward to new releases from The Prairie Schooler.  She designs so many motifs that resonant with me: Lambs, Chickens, Bee Skeps, Crows, Bunnies, and thoughtful sentiments on the changing seasons.

Speaking of changing seasons... 
The male finches are beginning to color up...

...and look pretty to attract the females.

Downy Woodpecker guys are always attractive - winter or summer. 
Look at how his feet are gripping the suet hanger - he is tucked almost entirely beneath the feeder.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birds and More Birds

Speaking of birds...I took my little Prairie Schooler project with me last night, and worked on it while waiting for an Oregon Basketball game to begin, during halftime, and during time-outs.  Its beginning to resemble a chicken! 

Monday was such a grey, rainy day I did not get outside until about 10:30am.  That turned out however, to be the perfect time for some bird-watching.

The California Quail roamed around the backyard.
But the Jewel in the Crown is just below...and illustrates that patience is its own reward. As I walked around to the house, I could hear a woodpecker working away.  Not talking mind you, just a "thud" then "thud" and another "thud" as he drilled holes into a tree.  The sound was loud enough in the morning quiet that I felt if I concentrated on listening in the direction of the sound, I would be rewarded with seeing the bird...  

And I was!
My Pileated Woodpecker friend was in a live Douglas Fir.
This photo is all about the strength of the zoom lens on my camera as I was easily 75 yards away from the bird.
If you enlarge either of the pictures you can see the holes he has already drilled on the front of the tree.

I also spied an Anna Hummingbird at the feeder. 

And when I circled back to the backyard, the Quail were long-gone.  Perhaps this Red Tailed Hawk is the reason why. Danger! Danger! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little to Report...Little Report

Too busy to stitch too much!
Perhaps that should be the title of this post.  I only found thirty minutes or so yesterday, so a few more letters on "Bouquet for March" and nothing else to report.

For Outdoor Wednesday, I will share the following photos.
It was a very soggy Monday as the photos I took Tuesday morning clearly state!

Raindrops on Rose?
Nope, raindrops on daffodils!

The sun broke through and Parvati was most pleased!

After the rain and wind and storms, I found this really cool piece of bark.
It's interesting anyway with the moss and lichen...

But even more interesting are the very regimented holes...
I think my good friends the woodpeckers have been hard at work!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring and Chickens and Eggs

I've decided a need a "little" project. 
It's Spring...moving toward Easter, so I've chosen to kit up the Hen and Chicks (top row) of this Prairie Schooler chart.  I think making an actual chick ornament is way beyond my skill-set, but I can be happy with a rectangular finish. 

And speaking of domesticated fowl, last weekend I was the happy recipient of a dozen fresh chicken eggs laid by Alice, Grace, and Lily. Chickens can make a wonderful addition to your garden - eatting small pests and providing fertilizer. 


Look at the lovely eggs!
Alice laid the blue/green eggs, Grace the red/brown eggs, and Lily the pale buff eggs.


No need to dye these for Easter - they are lovely as is!

Alice, Lily, and Grace
Thanks so much girls!

There are more Garden ideas at The Tuesday Garden Party.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter Into Spring...

I spent a couple of hours Sunday afternoon stitching away on "Sweet Winter".  I moved this piece from roller bars to Q-Snaps and am having an easier time of it.  Worked on the phrase "Be Ye Good", a few petals, swan, and several more letters and numbers.  As it is now officially Spring , I'm taking some flak from my sister for "stitching out of season".  But hey, this was supposed to be done in February...such is life.

Last night's "Super Moon" was very atmospheric - looked far more like a spooky October moon than a bucolic Easter moon.

I caught a shot as it rose up behind the hills...

We had a light haze of clouds - making for a ""moody moon."

But hey it's Spring - I've finally picked up the last of my Christmas decorations and now can move on to Easter / Spring items.

Three mache bunnies and lots of cat hair floating on the table!