Friday, November 30, 2012

Do You Stitch in Public?

Do you stitch in public?  I do!  I was able make a nice start on the borders of "Happy Gobble Gobble Day" while attending a University of Oregon mens' basketball game last night.  I did not stitch during the game - just before, during half-time and time-outs.  For years I stitched while I commuted back and forth to work via a Lane Transit District bus.  I often received comments from other riders on my stitching.  Suprisingly most times it was men who noticed my WIP and had something to say about the design or the effort involved in the process.   

I don't think our Chattering Chipmunk bother to hibernate in our temperate climate. 

They seems to hang out in the Big Woodpile all year long.

I think you'd agree the Chips are fat enough to withstand hibernation!

The other day there were three of 'em scurrying around.
There are two in this photo.

And here's the third one!

Ann over at Beadlework is fond of my Flicker photos.  This photo perfectly illustrates a fact I just learned.  Note how the long feathers on the tip of his tail are balanced against the green metal container.  I found out that if you want to attract Flickers to your feeders, the feeder must be large enough to accommodate the use of the tail as a 'balancer'.  Otherwise the Flicker's body swings back and forth and he will not linger.  Who knew?  Now we do!  

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Need Some Holiday Gift Ideas?

Taking a break from working with slippery braid, I kitted up "Happy Gobble Gobble Day" as my last Turkey Stitch for this month. 

My Sister and I visited Down to Earth of Small Business Saturday.
I came up with a wide range of gift ideas.

If you aren't 'The World's Most Amazing Sock Knitter' like Melanie over at Moonraker Lampwerks, then maybe these colorful babies will fit your bill. 

I am always charmed by sock puppets.

I liked these retro-looking glass and ceramic milk bottles.

Carol over at The Polka Dot Chicken will appreciate these metal constructs. 

This display makes me wish my nephews were still the preschooler of many years ago.  

Both boys are rabid avid Duck Fans (U of Oregon), so I don't think they'd cotton to wearing a beaver hat (the mascot of arch-rival Oregon State).

Bees, they remain one of my most favorite motifs.

And owls too!  Remember last month's owl stitching projects?   

GREAT Garden Art!  In my book anyway.  I know lots of people are put off by all things buggy, but I like the fly and the bees.  Just off to the left you can glimpse metal ladybugs too.

No matter the style of your garden, a flamingo or two is always good fun.

Again my favorite motifs - rugs with chickens - rugs with bees!
Did you get any gift ideas while browsing through this post?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wet and Watery Wednesday

We are having a True Oregon November this year.  We received 0.38" of rain on the 17th, 0.21" on the 18th, 2.46" on the 19th, 0.98" on the 20th, 0.33" on the 21st, no rain the 22nd (an aberration!), 0.57" on the 23rd, and 0.47" on the 24th.
So this is going to be a wet and watery walk.
Bring your boots and umbrella and come along!

This little creek runs down the edge of our old property.  When we lived there, I could hear it through the windows of my bedroom as it burbled along.  It was a most comforting sound, and one the ones I most miss living here high atop Clos du Bois. 

Many of the rain storms were accompanied by high winds.  The Quarry Pond is full of water, and filled with a skim of Douglas Fir needles.

I failed to get pictures during the apex of our rains (the 19th & 20th), but the Big Creek was still running strong and brown a couple of days later.  

When the rains pour down, and the creek waters rise, the streams become foamy and frothy.

If you look at the left creek bed you can see that the grasses on that side are still mashed down.  That should give you some idea of how high the Big creek waters once were.

Dorothy's Creek is churning along full force still - brown and foamy. 

It will be interesting to look at our Trail Camera pictures taken during this period to see what animals still attempted to ford the creek when the waters were this high.

I hope you stayed dry and enjoyed our Watery Walk!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkeys and Other Birds

There's been embarrassingly little progress on my "Thankful Kiss" turkey the past several days.  I did switch to 2 strands of Kreinik silk braid on the last 4 rows, and though more difficult to work with, the over-all coverage is much improved.  

On a recent rainy morning, the Mourning Doves huddled in a Big Leaf Maple. 

Now that it is late Fall, there are lots of Golden-crowned Sparrows at the Big Bird Feeder.  They do not use the feeder, but alight on the woodpile nearby (I toss food there for the chipmunks).  They are also ground feeders.  

My sister and I took a small stroll through a stand of young Douglas Fir.  There perched atop the leader of a young fir tree was this Anna's Hummingbird.  He scolded us the entire time we invade his forest.  You can see the feathers on his head are standing straight at attention, "It's my forest!".  At least that's what I think he said.   

Winter weather also brings the Towhees back to the bird feeders.

The Hairy Woodpeckers continue to work amongst the trees...  

...taking well-deserved breaks at my peanut feeder. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mushroom Monday

I know, I'm not currently stitching any mushrooms, and this is the only mushroom needlework I've never done (way back in 1977 or so).  Yep, it's a WIP - I should tent stitch the background around the mushroom in white.  

Anyway, I find mushrooms most interesting in the wild, and pretty as a motif in 'civilization'. 

With lots of rain recently, we have not shortage of mushrooms.

This pair was my most interesting find.  They are large - about 4" to 5" inches across and quite pink in color.  

I like this little group juxtaposed against the velvet green moss.

If color is what you are after in mushrooms, then Down to Earth offers vibrant ceramic mushrooms and an interesting calendar too. 

Back in the Great Outdoors, I found this fungus high up in a Big Leaf Maple. 

This little group was down by Dorothy's Creek.

There was a patch about ten feet square with a couple dozen mushrooms.

Have you ever thought about a mushroom on your Christmas tree?
I love these warm foresty colors. 

While I'd never dare eat any of our wild mushrooms...

...I do admire their many colors and forms.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nature Big and Small

When you are 'normally' an Indoor Cat... can find the smallest of creatures just plain fascinating.

No earthworms were harmed in this exploration!

I liked the contrast of the bright bluer Steller's Jay against the yellow and green Hazelnut leaves.

It appears the Pine Siskins have just the smallest bit of yellow on their wings...

...until they spread their wings wide!  Then quite a nice yellow band of color becomes visible.  

Even though it has been raining, the Ali-baba fountain remains a popular bathing location. 

The BBBs (Boring Brown Birds - as my sister refers to them) are quite pretty when closely examined.