Monday, February 26, 2018

The Week That Was

I was able to work on this during breaks of a very exciting Oregon / Arizona basketball game on Thursday.  

Also on Thursday February 22nd, we had a wintry wonderland for a few hours.

I did not have many different kinds of birds, but the Juncos were out in force. 

The Anna's braved the weather and were omnipresent at their feeders.

But the Quail are by far, my favorite Snow Birds.
They shove their way through the snow like little baby snowplows. 

I admire their perseverance.


Margaret said...

So fun to see. Baby snowplows is a great metaphor.

Robin in Virginia said...

Nice progress on your Valentine piece, Beth! Thank you for the chuckle about the baby snowplows!

LaNelle said...

Stitching is coming along nicely....beautiful winter photos however short lived it is😊 we had another 4 inches of snowfall on Saturday everything looks so we will reach a high of 38 & sunny 😎 beautiful day in northern MN

Barb said...

The quail must be fun to watch!