Sunday, February 4, 2018

January's Trail Camera - The Backyard - Camera #2

At the beginning of January I re-positioned the camera in the backyard and boy did it ever pay off!

Usually I sort out the photos by creature, but this month I decided to just show them of chronologically to get a better sense of who came by and when.
An extreme blurry close-up of a Junco.

California Quail

Deer legs

Dashing away

Moving with purpose.

A wet opossum.

Another look.


Gray squirrel


Back to deer.

The bob-cat seems to like the 4-6am time period.


A busy night with a raccoon...

...and a bob-cat.

About an hour later... we go again.

This is the most interesting photo.  What do you think has the bob-cat's attention on the left side of the photo?  I wonder if it is an owl.  They'd both be actively hunting at 6:00am.  

Back to a deer.

The raccoon seems to have dodged the bob-cat.

Here we come.

Raccoon yet again.

And the final bob-cat photo for the month.


blueladie said...

Were you surprised to see the bobcat? Wow! Cathryn

Robin in Virginia said...

What great photos of the bobcat! That selfie of him/her was neat. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

MaryO said...


RJ said...

Wow fantastic photos Beth. That sure was a big squirrel! I too wonder what had the bobcat's attention. I feel for whoever it was. Love the selfie!!! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Barb said...

What amazing pictures of that bob-cat!!!!

Stewart M said...

Nice - I'm just sorting my trail cam videos out. I'll post in the next week or so.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Mary said...

How exciting to see so many bob cat photos!