Thursday, February 8, 2018

He's Back!

Clear back on January 9th, I blogged that I wanted to start on "Cold Chilly Frosty Nights" by A Needle and Fred.  Then...nothing.  I finally started working on this stitch on January 30th.  The fabric is dark, and I do best stitching with natural light when I work on it.

Parvati is quite fluffy - maybe she thinks we'll yet have some more cold, chilly, frosty nights like Monday night / Tuesday morning.

Sunday afternoon my Yellow-rumped Warbler returned and he's been 'regular' every day since. 

I hope you have it in you to view a few more photos of this charming bird. 


He likes my bark butter as a snack, but he is also an insectivore and I enjoy watching him sallie out off a perch, grab a flying insect, and land again to eat his meal.

Looking for lunch.

He has such pretty buttery yellow accents.

I just wish he had some friends of family to keep him company.

Welcome back little one.


Robin in Virginia said...

Good start on your stitch, Beth! What thread is that? Very pretty! I am happy to see your little friend's pictures.

Kristen said...

He is a cutie pie.

kelly tadlock said...

Love the stitching and the beautiful bird!

Barb said...

He is such a pretty little bird!

Mary said...

He has a good friend in you, he came back for his butter bark treat! Great shots of this beautiful bird. Great start on your stitch.

RJ said...

He's adorable and knows where to find a great treat. Lovely new stitch too. RJ

Maggee said...

The 'butter butts' as they are called out here, are VERY prevalent in parks and such all year round here, so they are kind of ignored as being cute or special. And you know I have had difficulty with one particular one this winter, chasing everything else away! So, they are territorial... You may see it again next winter... IF it leaves you! Hugs!