Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Valentine Bouquet

Tuesday morning dawned sunny, very cold - 19f!

Everything seems to have survived the cold night just fine, including this crocus.

I promised a Valentine bouquet, and I think that there's enough blooming to make a nice bouquet including these Tete-a-tete daffodils.

And the roses, while not blooming, are busting out with new red growth.  Can you see it?

Here's a close up.

Dwarf bearded Iris. 

Daffodil "Topolino".


Love how this glows in the sunshine.

Currant budding out.




...and another one...

...and another one.

I've never had an issue with voles before, but my front flowerbeds have a large network of vole tunnels. 


Bleeding Heart


Trillium "Volcano"

In October I potted up a few bulbs: daffodils, narcissus, iris, and muscari.  I will soon have lots of color on the front porch.


Robin in Virginia said...

What gorgeous greenery and flowers you have!

RJ said...

Such pretty flowers Beth. I especially love those daffodils. RJ

kelly tadlock said...

Love your garden! The bulbs will be beautiful!

Mary said...

Your finally getting winter weather, you just need the rain now. Lovely blooms!!

Margaret said...

Thank you for the lovely bouquet. I need some spring right about now.

Carol said...

Spring has certainly sprung in your part of the world, Beth--thanks for the pretty blooms!

Barb said...

I agree, the daffodils make a lovely bouquet. I sure hope the temps won't hurt all the little plants that are coming up!!

Maggee said...

Oh how gorgeous all of your plants are! I see that my spring daffodils are just coming up. Maybe a hyacinth too... I hope so! I have bulbs to plant in pots about now, so they will bloom for spring... Gotta go get dirt! Hugs!