Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday is Funny

Another basketball game on Thursday, so I needed something smallish to stitch.  This is what I chose to work on.

So I've not been able to record all the birds I see on EBird.

There just isn't a box I can tick for: Viking rubber duck

These guys are even in a V-shaped formation and include a couple of Roman rubber ducks and Bagpiper rubber ducks. Rarities for sure! 

Are you jealous Mr. Steller's Jay?  You certainly look affronted.

And I think you are frowning California Scrub Jay. 

You look pensive Acorn Woodpecker.  What's the consensus on the rubber duck brigade?


Robin in Virginia said...

I like your chosen stitch for the basketball game. Thank you for the chuckle over the rubber duck brigade.

kelly tadlock said...

I love all the birds! Even the rubber ones!

Barb said...

Enjoy the game. I love your rubber duck collection. That little Viking would be perfect in Poulsbo. We are known up here as little Norway. In fact, Norwegian was spoken at the local Lutheran Church until about 1925.

RJ said...

Great stitch for the game Beth. I wish we could bring things into our games. Just got done watching the Gators beat South Carolina. My favorite player had a great game. Looking forward to your progress on this stitch. RJ

Maggee said...

Love the different jays and woodpeckers that you get!