Monday, February 19, 2018

It's Winter Again

Looking at our weather forecast, I decided to stitch "You Melt My Heart" by Barbara Ana designs as it incorporates both a snowman and a heart. 

This is what it looked like Sunday morning.

The snow did not stay for long, just enough to irritate a Steller's Jay.

I do enjoy watching the California Quail in the snow.

They are rugged little birds. 

The snow brought a male Flicker to the suet feeder... 

...while a Steller's Jay waited his turn.

It is to continue to be quite cold for the next several days.  
I will look after all the birds including the hummers.


Robin in Virginia said...

Sweet stitch you are working on, Beth! I love your snow and birds pictures and a bit envious of your white stuff.

Mary said...

I woke up to 4 inches of fresh snow on Sunday. Thankfully its going to warm up to 70 by Wed and hopefully will all melt. Love your flicker photo! Thank you for looking after all the birds, especially the hummers!

Frances N said...

What lovely snow photos! This weather beats all I've ever seen. Hot, cold, freezing, hot.....who knows what's next?!
I love those jays--the color is so pretty and rich! And you know I love the flickers. I've wished to see a flicker here, but so far I haven't noticed any.
What a fun stitch!!

RJ said...

Love your new stitch's going to be a cutie indeed. I just love your bird photos especially that really pretty Stellar Jay. RJ

Barb said...

We are freezing up here too. This week-end we had lots of wind, no power for awhile and no cable either. At lest we got the power back before the frigid night, not everyone did!

Carol said...

My son just sent me an article about the Polar Vortex split and it seems that you are going to have much cooler than normal weather for the next 10 days while we are having much warmer here in the east. It was 78 here in PA today--crazy!