Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday's Walk - A Neighbor's Front Yard

Each April I have to document the amazing wildflowers that reside under an oak grove in a neighbor's front yard.  

This winter wrecked havoc on the oaks. They are but shadows of their former selves.  I am hoping that two or three manage to hang on and recover. 

The oaks provide the dappled shade beloved by many of our native wildflowers including  Small Flowered Trilliums.

I have never seen more Shooting Stars (Dodecatheon hendersonii).

They thrive here.

Some folks call them rooster bills based on the shape of the flower.

She also has many Oregon Fawn Lilies (Erythronium oregonum).

Shooting Stars

Fawn Lilies, Trout Lilies, or as my family has always called them - Lambs' Tongues. 

Nature is the best gardener!

We should appreciate her work.


Vickie said...

Love 'em! I always new them as Rooster Heads.

Barb said...

I always enjoy the walks where you show the wild flowers!

deb said...

Wildflowers always seem so delicate. Never saw shooting stars before - what a great name for a flower! Had to laugh at the Lamb's Tongues name - we used to grow Lamb's Ears, but was not aware there were more lamby flowers. Thanks for the peek at your neighbor's wildflower garden.