Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Evening Report

There's still a bit of April left, so I've started one last Easter stitch.

On Saturday I went up to Corvallis to shop for plants and cross stitch. 
One of the nurseries has dozens of birdhouses.
I saw Violet-green Swallows house hunting...

...and Barn Swallows doing the same.

I enjoy the clicky quirky sounds the Barns Swallows make. 

Back at home, I had 42 California Quail Monday afternoon. 

There's a lot of posturing this time of year.

Most evening the Robins serenade as the daylight fades.


Justine said...

Those shallows are so pretty! I like your new start.

LaNelle said...

Sounds like a fun shopping trip...plants & cross stitch is so cute looking great!

deb said...

I had no idea barn swallows were so pretty!

RJ said...

The shallows are so beautiful. I look forward to all of your stitching from the great charts you bought on your shopping trip. RJ