Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Flocks are Growing

Here's my new purchases from Friendship Crossing in Corvallis, OR.
Lots of bird patterns this time.  Sounds like a theme for May!

This week is forecast to be cold and rainy, so I find comfort in my little yellow outdoor finials.  How many American Goldfinches can you count?

I counted 14 American Goldfinches, 6 Lesser Goldfinches, and a large flock of Purple Finches. 

It's nice to have the "Canary Guys" (as my father calls them) back again.

I don't have enough stations at the feeders to serve everyone.

I was thrilled to count eight Evening Grosbeaks Monday afternoon.

I'd begun to worry that they were going to pass me by this year. 

With four couples, I might get luck and have one pair stay and nest. 

Here's a Rufous Towhee.  Some beginning birds confuse them with Black-headed Grosbeaks.  

Today was my first sighting of a Black-headed Grosbeak.
It's a larger bird with an orange collar and white flecks on the wings.
The Towhee has red eyes and the grosbeak has brown eyes.

The males have a beautiful song that sweetens my morning chorus.
Hope you are enjoying the return of spring / summer birds where ever you are.


cucki said...

I love your patterns so much..
Sending you love and smiles x

Vickie said...

wOw! Your new patterns are VERY cool. I l♥ve that fox one!

Amy said...

All of those bright, colorful birds! So beautiful.

Great selection of patterns, too. Looking forward to seeing what you stitch on next!

Carol said...

You got some lovely goodies, Beth! I just ordered "It's Spring Fever," too--absolutely love those colors.

deb said...

Such a delightful haul of goodies! I'd likely have sat down immediately to kit up that lovely fox.

Beautiful birds! Springtime, courting time, they're all decked out in their very best colors....

Barb said...

What a wonderful collection of colorful birds, both the real ones and the charted ones!

LaNelle said...

Lovely choice of designs..I've just completed BBD-It's Spring Fever..great stitch! What a spectacular birds paradise you have....just gorgeous
Thanks for always sharing such great photos. Blessings....