Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hop To It

Chart - Hoppin' Hare
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric- 30 count Light Espresso
Started - 4 April 1999
Completed - 9 April 1999
Another oldie but a goodie.

As April chugs along, the birds change out a bit.

I see far fewer Juncos - they move into the forest to nest.

The Black-capped Chickadees stay close by, but my Chestnut-back Chickadees disappear into the forest.

I have 8-9 Lesser Goldfinches - by far the largest flock I can remember.

With that many birds I ought to be able to tell when they have nested and the babies fledge.

Most male House Finches are Red, this fellow prefers yellow.

One more White-throated Sparrow photo.
They should head off to Canada soon.

I am seeing more Mourning Doves - couples most often.

Month in, month out, the Hairy Woodpeckers are 'regulars'.

For many parts of the country, nothing says April like the return of American Robins.  With our mild winters, we have the birds all year around, though there are more in the spring and summer. 


Vickie said...

That is a funny bunny. I like him!! We have so many robins this year!!

MaryO said...

BEAUTIFUL! So many visitors now!

San Pedro, CA

Pam in IL said...

Love seeing all the birds that visit your yard and feeders. This is the first year that we have seen Red Winged Blackbirds, Brown-Headed Cowbirds and Robins so early. All three have been here since the middle of February.

Barb said...

I enjoy seeing your oldies but goodies!!