Saturday, April 29, 2017

100% Bunnies

Bunny breakfast

I think the dewy grass must taste like cold iceberg lettuce.

Bunny duo

Bunny grooming

Clean and tidy bunny



Chocolate brown eyes


LaNelle said...

Oh so adorable 🐇🐇, enjoy your Saturday!

MaryO said...

Sweet! 🐇🐰

Mouse said...

Awwww ..... love the bunnies ... good job they are not over here as just seen a wee fox on my field at the back ... love mouse xxxxx

RJ said...

Aah that bunny is the sweetest! RJ from stitching friends forever 2

Barb said...

So cute! Beautiful yesterday, back to cold damp today! UG!!

Margaret said...

Cute bunnies! So many!

Carol said...

There's something about bunnies that always manages to make me smile :)