Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Full Farmers' Market Opening

While we've had a small farmers' market during the winter months, this Saturday marked the opening of the Saturday Market (crafts) and the full Farmers' Market. It was not as busy as past years as it is spring break here.  Nonetheless there were uniquely Eugene characters out and about including this bus carrying boat! 

Spring tulips

Rainbow carrots



Veggie and plant starts

Fresh greens


Species daffodils


Several bakeries and food stands 



Fresh eggs

I bought fresh tuna and some of these chocolate cupcakes!
What better way to spend a Saturday? 


Vickie said...

I enlarged that picture of the bus with boat and just tried and tried to figure that all out?!
I would definitely have gotten a cupcake as well!!

Rachel said...

Great pictures! So many beautiful things. It really is the best way to spend a Saturday.

Stewart M said...

Fresh veggies and cup-cakes, a perfect combination I think!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne