Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What To Do?

I usually stitch owls in October and as you can see I have plenty of charts. What to do, what to do?

A special thanks to one of my Followers.  
She gifted me with a pair of adorable owl hand towels.

Deer fence construction has gone on for most of the month of September.  
I've been worried about how the birds would adjust.
But as you can see, many of them 'are good with it!'  
Hairy Woodpecker

California Scrub Jay

California Quail

Black-capped Chickadee

Oregon Junco.
I'll have more on the deer fence in tomorrow's post.

Late September / early October has seen a mix of birds who will soon leave and birds who have returned for the winter.

Besides the deer fence, there are still plenty of 'natural' perches for birds like this returnee, a Golden-crowned Sparrow.

Fox Sparrows have also returned - welcome back!

Mourning Doves are year around residents. 

Band-tailed Pigeons should soon by on their way south.


Vickie said...

That picture of the quail couple is AWESOME Beth!!

Kristen said...

I agree with Vickie: that's a charming quail portrait.

For your next project, my votes go for the Val's Stuff cutie (upper right corner) and the Blackbird Designs (lower left corner).

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, your quail couple is adorable. You have a nice assortment of owl charts. Is there one screaming at you louder than the rest? But, I do like the PS one (it looks like it is pumpkin shaped).

deb said...

Voting for the BBD design (but then I'm loving about everything of theirs lately), the PS Owl from #106 and the fat fluffy owls from Val's Stuff. What a wealth of cute designs you have to choose from!

Barb said...

The birds seem to adjusting quite well to the fence! You have lots of wonderful owl charts. I loved doing the JBW owl because there were lots of little owls in the bigger design.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Very beautiful patterns
I'm sure that you will choose well

Maggee said...

Love all your birds, as always... Haven't seen any sparrows yet, but I think by next week, they might all come back to the area...after the effects of Matthew finally recede. Still have parts of the area under water, because of the constant tides. Several birdwatchers in my area are getting out and about though, and seeing a few migrating birds like Golden Crowned Kinglet--boy I would love to see one of them! Thanks for sharing yours!