Friday, October 7, 2016

Cat Construction

This is my progress on Mosey 'n Me's "Folk Art Cat".  The tail is done and all of the stripes are in.  I've begun the pink filling-in - everything below the nose is new.  It finally looks like a cat!

And now on to the birds...

My little female Downy Woodpecker is an Everyday Visitor.

She is my smallest woodpecker - here she is with an American Goldfinch for comparison.

She likes peanuts.

She also likes hulled sunflower seeds.

She has a very pretty tail.

Here she is on a snag hammering away.

The female Hairy Woodpecker is also a Backyard Regular.
She likes mixed nuts...

...and peanuts.

About once a week I see a male Hair Woodpecker.  He's also a fan of mixed nuts.

I did see a Red-breasted Sapsucker, but the light way very low.

So not the greatest photos to share.

I think my male Acorn Woodpecker is frequenting the backyard with much more regularity than the feeders in the front of the house.

Again mixed nuts and peanuts!

And more peanuts!

Thank goodness for Flickers!

They enjoy suet and are utilizing the front yard feeders.  I wonder if the lawn and fence construction workers have impacted the other woodpeckers' behavior and habits the past few weeks. 


Sarah Marchuk said...

Love your design. How have you been? I used to have the blog Sarah Beth's cross-stitch until some jerk hacked into it:

Margaret said...

Lovely! I always enjoy seeing what woodpeckers are around your house.

Pull the other thread said...

Awesome progress on your cat.

Wanda said...

Love woodpeckers! The flickers and acorns totally fascinate me as we don't have them. Love your cat Beth!

Carol said...

Your cat is growing nicely, Beth--that is a ton of solid stitching in that piece!

I must say I never tire of seeing those handsome Flickers!

Maggee said...

Oh I DO like that cat!! I know each time I see your progress, I look for the design online! No luck yet! My Downys are the only regular woodpeckers for me right now... Looking forward to having the Red-bellied come back soon... I HEAR it, just hasn't come by yet. Thanks for showing 'your' woodpeckers!