Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday's Critters

We are forecast to have a cold and rainy weekend. If the weather is keeping you inside, you can enjoy these photos from earlier in the week.
My sister's zinnias have been a big hit with several kinds of bees.

Notice the flecks of pollen adhering to the bee's body.

And here's a rather interesting looking insect.
Thanks to everyone who weighed in - it's a katydid. 

Much to Parvati's disgust, we've not had many bunny around. 

And the one of two rabbits have been very vigilant.

Parvati has had to make do with the attention of a deer or two.

Once one becomes interested... 

...they step ever closer...

...and the game is on!

The deer are getting their darker, heavier winter coats.
Look at the color of this one... compared to this one.

Ready for winter! 

And while we've not seen bears up by the house, one continues to be active at our neighbor's feeders.  She has decided not to put any bird food out again until November.


deb said...

Your green bug ... could it be a katydid? Love the closeups of the bees in the flowers.

Anna van Schurman said...

I was coming to suggest katydid also. Does it look like a leaf from the side?

Unknown said...

It's a katydid. We have one at least in our garden every year. They make a very loud screech! But not very often. They rub their wings or legs together somehow - you sort of have to be near to catch it - then it's "what was that?" The females have a very long ovipositor and are quite distinctive from the males.

Frances said...

I love to see the deer and cats interact!

Maggee said...

I wonder who won in that stare down?? The deer are definitely getting ready for winter, with the color change and thickness of their coats. I also wonder why a bear is going for bird seeds...? Definitely bent that feeder pole!