Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trail Camera #2 - September

This camera is at the edge of our backyard and looks along a path that the animals use to access the backyard from the forest. 

California Quail

More quail

And yet more quail.

Weirdly, we had no photos of bunnies in September. 

We did have lots of deer again.

Including the buck that we 'captured' on Camera #1. 

Close up.

Deer dancing.

Buck again.

His close up.

And his profile shot.

Bob-cat at 8:17am. Look at the cat behind the Monkey Puzzle tree.

Now look at Parvati in front of the Monkey Puzzle tree and you can get a size comparison.

Night Hunter.

Close up

8:30am walk about.

6:21am. Confident predator.


Carol said...

Some great candid shots of your wildlife, Beth. We have noticed a lot of "deer dancing" going on in our back yard, too. I wonder if that is part of the mating ritual?

Barb said...

The bob-cat photos are amazing!

Christine said...

Wow, what wonderful wildlife shots. The wild cat is amazing. Going to have to take your word for the raccoon though, I can't make anything out