Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Hummers

In extreme heat it is important to stay cool...

...and comfortable!

Whenever it gets about 95°, I change out the hummingbird feeders every two days.  I do not want the sugar water to ferment and make the birds ill.  

Here are a few photos of the three or four Rufous hummingbirds.

The fence around my sister's cantaloupe is very popular. 

It's big enough, that momentarily 2 or 3 birds can perch there including this Anna's.

Then the battle cries sound!

They are liking my agastaches right now.

They love 'tube' flowers of any sort.

This lobelia is also a hit.

Plants also provide perches like this clematis.

Small bird with a BIG 'tude!


Jocelyn Thurston said...

Beth I watched a hummingbird and bee duke it out at my Beth's house the other day. The bird kept chasing the bee off but it would come right back. Eventually they both got to feed in between the sparring.

Frances N said...

The hummingbirds are always fun to see, and love all your pink flowers. You have a variety, I see!
Of course, you know I love the sweet kitties!

Barb said...

Your sweet cats have the right idea!! Wonderful photos!

Maggee said...

In our heat, the cats and I have the same idea!! I took my hummingbird feeder down... no action yet. Maybe next year... I am going to try to get more flowers growing, even if they are in pots! Hugs!