Sunday, August 7, 2016

July Trail Camera Photos - Camera #2

Trail Camera #2 now resides atop a milk crate at the edge of our backyard.

Some folks are rather curious.

I had several questions about how this poor fawn with the large wound was doing.  You can see how large it is at the beginning of the month.

Here's the same fawn at the end of the month.  I think the wound had abscessed and drained, and so now is healing.  That's my hope anyway.  

Deer looking over shoulder at bunny.

Spike in the backyard.

And here's a handsome guy!

Action shot!

We had several photos of quail families strolling by.

Scrub Jay

Young Robin

Starlings and Scrub Jays

Steller's Jay with hazelnut.




Hopping down the bunny trail



...moseying by.

Early morning patrol.



8am - I did not see him, I think Parvati and I must have been at the front of the house.

I wonder how many bob-cats, or if it is all the same animal.
Stay tuned for next month's photos.


Vickie said...

Oh wow. The EDGE of your backyard! Thanks for the update on the fawn.

Margaret said...

Great pictures, but I think I'd freak out at a bobcat right there!!

krayolakris said...

Interesting to see the profiles of bunny & deer similar! Gosh what would you estimate the size of the bobcat to be (height, length, weight)? He's is such a commanding figure!

Maggee said...

Great shots as always. And I also cringed knowing that camera is at the edge of your backyard, but you probably have a much bigger one than I am imagining! Hugs!