Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Walk Around the House

Lots of signs of spring with a warm El Nino.
The Witch Hazel is blooming much to the delight of the hummingbirds.

The Oriental Poppies have most of their spring foliage.

This low growing spreading Iris is sending up shoots.

I almost waited too long to photograph the Iris Reticulata!
They have peaked already. 

The deer munched on one of our clumps of Snowdrops.
Bad deer! 

Look at the day-glow shoots of a Bleeding Heart!   

The stars of February are the Hellebores.

We have several plants - and several different colors.

My sister took advantage of the weekend and worked like a trooper cleaning up the Mudroom Flowerbed. This will make a great 'before' photo to share again in June when the flowerbed is wall-to-wall foliage.


Vickie said...

I am so amazed at all the plants shooting up already!! Nothing but white around here.

CalamityJr said...

So nice to see spring colors popping up. Hope they arrive in the Midwest soon!

Margaret said...

OK, this is going to drive me crazy -- seeing everyone's pictures of spring flowers. ARGH!!!!!

Barb said...

All the flowers are beautiful. You are quite a bit ahead of us, probably at least 3 weeks or more.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

We've got up to a thick frost this morning, it was the same yesterday Beth. As you can imagine the only flowers showing over here are snowdrops.

Christine said...

How lovely to see all of your spring flowers shooting up! We've almost got daffodils here, it certainly has been a mild start to the year

Maggee said...

As I look out the window at the snow flurrying, I am amazed as always at the arrival of spring in your area! I wish I had a garden like your mudroom one... even a small patch like that would be so pleasing to me! I am surrounded by huge, very old/mature trees in neighbors' yard... nothing but shade for me! Sigh! Lovely walk as always!