Thursday, February 25, 2016

Heart Stitch Birds With a Heart

I know, I just shared my out-of-control pile of WIP's; and yet, here I am with another start!

Here's my Woodpecker tally for the week.

The little female Downy Woodpecker has been active this week.

I am glad she feels comfortable coming to the feeder.

I am hopeful that by this summer I will have some youngsters at the feeder with her.

The larger female Hairy Woodpecker has been in the trees nearby.
She 'talks' loud and long so is easy to spot.

Again - hoping for babies!

And look at this!  My sister gifted me with this wonderful tile for Valentine's Day.

I am always pleased to see my Acorn Woodpecker couple.

I posted this photo on a Facebook bird group page, and someone commented that the birds formed a heart - they do, don't they?

They've been very active at my peanut feeders.

The Flickers have started to court.  They are now drumming on the roof of the house in the morning - that's my wake up call.

We have several Flickers in the area.

They do not care for the peanuts, but are mad for the suet.

With guys and gals, there should be baby Flickers come spring!


Vickie said...

You, my friend, have a great sister! ;)

Paula Lima said...

Woodpeckers are amazing!
A stitcher from Portugal

cucki said...

Lovely birds
Happy stitching x

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Yesssss lovelies birds.

Maggee said...

Your Smitten chart is small, barely counts as a project! (heheheh) Oooh very nice gift from your sister! I have seen TWO Red-bellied woodpeckers two days in a row now... I am so excited! I went thrifting today and came across an old framed picture/painting of a little girl looking out a window at a robin that I almost bought!! I may go back tonite!! Hugs!

Carol said...

What a perfect gift from your sister, Beth! I just love those Flickers so much!

Frances N said...

Those woodpeckers are heart shaped!! Too sweet!
You know I love your Flickers!

Margaret said...

Love that tile your sister gave you. Nice! This is a red themed post -- all birds with red on them. Right? :D

Wanda said...

Beth,what a beautiful Valentine's Day gift! I have just read your posts from today to here. I am just loving everything - the woodpecker, chippies (can't wait for them to come back out), the squirrels, geese, Ms Turkey, the bunnies, the finches and chickadees, your stitching (can you have too many WIPs?)