Friday, February 19, 2016

Stormy Weather

Yesterday was extremely blustery and rainy.  We lost power for a couple of hours mid-day.  You'd think with poor weather, I'd have more stitching to show than this border.

But even when it rains, I try to spend a bit of time outside.

I was reward with this V of Canada Geese.

I'm trying to improve the quality of my 'in flight' photos.

I still have a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers visiting.
This is the female.

And here's the male with the bright red 'v' on the back of his head.

I love how high up his legs are while his body rests lower down, and he uses his tail feathers as a prop.   

Early in the fall I had four or five Acorn Woodpeckers, but for the last little while, all that I've seen are this pair.

I do have female Red-Shafted Northern Flickers... well as males. Once again they make use of their strong, stiff tail feathers as a prop - and look how high up their feet are as a counter-balance. 


cucki said...

Big hugs
Lovely photos x

Barb said...

All those great birds make a bit of time outside well worth it. I have heard that spending just a bit of time outside in the winter, helps deal with SAD. I never had a problem with Seasonal Affective Disorder but I do love just a bit of time outside everyday. We are getting drenched today so no outdoors at all today.However, I did enjoy my volunteer time at the school.

daisy g said...

They certainly are quite acrobatic! Beautiful birding pix as usual. Enjoy your weekend (with power)!

Sally said...

Lovely photos of the birds. They are a joy to see aren't they? I spotted a bird of prey in my garden the other day but didn't have time to get my zoom lens on my camera before it flew away!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Love how you've caught the V on that male Hairy Woodpecker. That is very hard to do. Wonderful.

Margaret said...

Beautiful pictures. Your in flight pictures of the geese look great.

Maggee said...

I'm liking the new pink stitching! As I read about your woodpeckers, I looked out my window and had two on the suet feeders at that particular moment! Deja vu! I look forward to seeing more Flickers this year! Hugs!