Wednesday, February 17, 2016

On Wednesday We Walk

It's mild outside - I'm not sure you need more than a light sweater.
Let's take a walk.

Mild and wet - perfect conditions for moss.
The green rocks glows!

I love the red of the Osier Dogwood stems.

The Osoberry is the first native plant to leaf out and bloom.
The leaves are unfurling and soon there will be dangling white flowers. 

Another native plant, the Oregon Grape has started forming blooms.  

Ah pussy willows!

With mild wet weather mushrooms pop up on the ground...

...and on logs.

Turkey tail mushrooms.

Jelly mushrooms.  Ugh!

Without leaves on the trees, the lichens and mosses are the stars.  

Lots of different colors from gray-green... bright green.

Colonizing on a blackberry cane...

Dangling from a stem.

And even on the ground.

Soft and cushiony.

So many different kinds.

Stop and listen to the sound of rushing water.

And look at the droplets on the tree branches.


Vickie said...

Very nice. Especially since all I have seen is white for months.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I had to smile at your blackberry cane. Fighting the blackberries and raspberries was a never-ending chore there!

Beautiful photos shared - thank you.

Carol said...

We are seemingly a long, long way from spring here in the east, Beth. Everything is snow-covered and frozen so your pictures of spring are especially welcome today! Love the pussywillows so much :)

cucki said...

And it's a lovely walk

Le trame della Galaverna said...

It's wonderful to visit your blog

Barb said...

I love the moss and lichens. Considering where I live, that's a good thing! A lovely walk!

Margaret said...

Everything looks so springlike. I'm totally envious! (How do you remember all these names?)