Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at the next few little stitches I hope to work on. It is nice to have all the fabric and fibers on hand so that when the mood strikes - I can immediately begin stitching.

We are still awash in baby birds.

Our latest is a family of five Evening Grosbeaks which includes three baby birds. Here are two of them. 

Mom and Baby

Feeding time!

I think that Dad 'has had it up to here!' and off he flies!
The Evening Grosbeaks will leave soon for the higher elevation Cascade Forests.  I'll certainly miss their bright and clear "chirring' call.

An intent baby Scrub Jay

Baby Black-headed Grosbeak

Papa House Finch on the left with a couple of babies. The baby next to Papa has bed-head feathers sticking up!  

The California Quail though are in a class by themselves.  I think we must have 6 or more families now.

Can you imagine caring for and keeping track of up to 21 babies?

Mama and this crew are having an evening dust bath.

Both parents are very involved in caring for the chicks.

They make a soft soothing sound just like baby chickens. 

My Baby Boy Acorn Woodpecker is learning how to be a woodpecker.  

Dad says, "Here's the call we make!"

Baby Boy says, "Like this Dad?"

Mama (on the right) says, "You're a woodpecker, you can hang upside down!"

Baby Boy says, "Like this Mom?"

"Am I doing it right?"
Mama says, "Good boy!"

One year ago today Mom and I visited the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the National Archives.  


Melissa said...

Amongst the baby birds, it was interesting to see the baby Scrub Jay literally morphing its looks into a grown up! Such cute pictures. When I see the quail families they always crack me up, probably because the adults have that little head tassel going on!

Have fun with next projects!

ps I am really looking forward to the rain in the forecast!!!

Honeybee said...

21 babies?! That makes me tired!

Maggee said...

Living vicariously through your photos, since I have no place to put feeders out in my yards. Sigh... They are so cute!

Margaret said...

Love all the babies! So fantastic! Great future stitches too!

linda said...

Love your captions for baby boy acorn woodpecker! Such a nice story you wove with your pictures. And I love watching the quail families; those babies are little blurs sometimes as they scoot along!

Barb said...

So many adorable baby birds!

Wanda said...

Oh what great photos of the babies Beth! The quails are amazing, and no, I cannot imagine trying to keep track of so many babies! Love the 'conversations'! The baby acorn woodpecker is so cute!!
We have been watching three young blue jays, a couple baby chickadees, several young house finches, yellow finches, doves, black birds, red-winged black birds and one baby cardinal - it is such fun.