Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blog Banner and Babies

Garden Grumbles Cross Stitch Fumbles & Birding Bumbles July Blog Banner

I've been too busy lately to assemble the information for the banner. But finally I made it, so, here it is. Let's try horizontal rows this time.

Row #1: Lizzie Kate, "Let Freedom Ring"; Lizzie Kate, "Long May She Wave"; Lizzie Kate, "Land That I Love".
Row #2: Lizzie Kate, "Pop"; The Cricket Collection, "We the People" - "Uncle Sam & Friend".

Row #3: Plum Street Samplers, "Free Bird", Blackbird Designs, "Stars and Stripes".

Row #4: Heart in Hand, "Flag Roundabout", Heart in Hand, "Star Spangled Summer"; The Cricket Collection, "And So the Fourth" - "A Flock United".

Row #5: Bent Creek, "Happy Independence Day", Bent Creek, "1998 Flag", Heart in Hand, "Old Glory" - over to the right Lizzie Kate, "4th of July"

Row #6: The Trilogy, "Happy Flag Flag Day"; Lizzie Kate, "My Country";  The Cricket Collection, "Patriotic Sampling"; Lizzie Kate, "Yankee Doodle Dandy"; "America the Beautiful"; Sam Sarah, "Old Glory"

Feathers are flying and flapping.
There are bird babies all about.

By Monday one of our Violet-Green Swallow families and fledged.
The occupants at house #2 were reluctant to leave. 

They were however, getting lots of encouragement to leave the nest despite their protests and complaints.

"Come on - you can fly!"
And whoosh - the bird house was empty by the evening.

Here's a Black-headed Grosbeak baby (left) with Mama Grosbeak (right).

Baby is every is every bit as big as the parent.

And still more Evening Grosbeak babies.
Mama on the left, begging baby on the right.  

"Hush up already - I'm feeding you as fast as I can!"

And California Quail babies. 

So. Darned. Cute.!

One year ago today Mom and I spent our first full day in Glasgow, Scotland.


Maggee said...

Yes, there are loads of babies, but the quails are the cutest--for sure, with the little tuft on top!

Barb said...

Those quail babies are just adorable!! I love watching the care the parent birds take with their babies! Thanks you for the info on your lovely banner!

cucki said...

aww such sweetness xx

Carol said...

Oh, my gosh--those quails are so special! You're so lucky to have them living so close, Beth!

And your July banner is very special, too!!

dixiesamplar said...

Love the banner as always!!! And what sweet spring/summer babies you have leaving the nest!

Margaret said...

The babies are all adorable! Love your header so so much!

Frances N said...

As always, your monthly banner is wonderful! Your stitching is so pretty and I love patriotic things anyway! So cute!

Melanie said...

Yes please! I've not stitched any of these but, umm, I do have a few of them waiting in my stash. Waaaah.