Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lazy Circles in the Sky

No one worries when eight Turkey Vultures float lazily in the sky.

When the aptly named Red-tailed Hawk soars overhead however... 

...that is cause for alarm!
Papa Quail used the hammock as a look-out.

He has lots of babies to watch over and protect.

And here's a lesson on how to identify a young Acorn Woodpecker.
The bird on the right has a nice white iris around the darker pupil. That's an adult bird.  The bird on the left has a dark pupil and also a dark iris.

You can better see the example of a young Acorn Woodpecker's eye in this photo.  By examining the eye, there is no doubt this is a young bird!  I continue to learn tricks for bird identification!   

It was 94f yesterday as this poor over-heated young Robin can attest.

The panting bird eventually flew over to a birdbath and got a refresshing drink of water.

  We attended a Symphony Pops concert in the evening.  When the concert ended at 10pm, the temperature was still 78f.  But as we live outside the city limit, and at a higher elevation, it was only 66f at our house.  We are lucky that even on hot days, the nights cool off quickly.

One year ago today Mom and I visited Saltram near Plymouth


Maggee said...

Thanks for the tip about the baby bird. I did not know there were differences in babies and adults. Sometimes there is a vast difference, so I have read. Our mornings start at 78 and go higher...then go back down to high 70's. I WISH to the 60's tho! Hugs!

Margaret said...

Very interesting about how to spot a baby Acorn Woodpecker. I hope that red tailed hawk didn't get any quail babies. It really is nice that you cool off at night even if it's warm during the day. Knock on wood, we've been pretty lucky so far this summer heat wise. Humid wise is a mixed bag though. lol!

Barb said...

I hope Father quail can protect the cute babies! We have finally gotten Pacific winds and it is much better here. We have even had a few sprinkles of rain this afternoon.

Pam in IL said...

Once again, you've taught me something. Glad your nights cool off quickly.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Your birdies are sweet today! Turkey Vultures...always so carefree and really majestic looking in flight...although they give me the chills when I drive by them on the road and they are doing their job...ugh!