Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Saturday Update

Yesterday began with a bit of excitement.  It was about 7:30am, and I had been at the front of the house refilling the peanut and suet feeders.  As I came around toward the backyard between the house and the garages, I happened to see a Bobcat loping along the backyard from right to left.  A truly beautiful, healthy animal with bob-tail up.  Before I could fully process this sight, Padma-Cat took off chasing the Bobcat!  I screamed which only served to excite Tom-Cat who then also took off as part of the chase.  After more heartfelt yelling on my part both of my cats stopped before turning the corner around the garages - while Bobcat disappeared around the corner.  I truly think that Padma had no idea who he was chasing other than a "Strange Cat in Padma's Backyard".  Tom-Cat, while he willing joined the chase, appeared to have second thoughts and was a bit jumpy and skittish about the entire affair.  That was far closer to a Bobcat than I ever expect to be, and given the proximity of our domestic cats, worrisome as well. 

Here is a male Lesser Goldfinch.  I like the little puff of white feathers at the junction of his leg and body.

I miss having Barn Swallows.  For a couple a years a pair built a nest on the edge of a pillar on our back porch.  This year we do not have any, so it was nice to see several pairs at a plant nursery.  

It is nest building time.  While they prefer rafters, they can daub mud against a wall and create a nest that way.

This pair seem to feel the perfect site was over an outdoor seed display.

The nursery had an open shed structure.  A perfect home site.

I have just two pair of Evening Grosbeaks this year - far fewer than I've had in the past.  Even so, it is amazing how much noise these four birds make for their contribution to the Morning Chorus.  

We had a pretty hard frost Thursday morning - that causes Puffy Quail.

I've counted as many as fifteen male Goldfinches at the feeders in the backyard.

Here are two Goldfinches and one Lesser Goldfinch.


Mary said...

Please don't tell me things like that...I worry about you and the bears. My daughter has a place in the NH the first time I was there we saw a bear crossing the front yard. We all ran back to the car. from then on it was bear watch.......and make noise while you took a walk down the street.

Erica said...

Yikes! Sounds like something my cats would do!
Cats all think they are 10 feet tall, even the smallest kitten!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Exciting stuff indeed Beth, not the kind of excitement that you want though. I love the photo with the peachy, puffy, feathery chest - it's so bonnie.

Susan said...

So far behind on my blog reading... A bobcat?!? WOW. My cats would certainly act like they could take it on but the windows and/or screens would stop them from really doing it. My folks have bobcats in their area but I haven't heard of any around here. Barn swallows are some of my favorite birds - we had a pair that nested in our garage when we lived in Tennessee and it was so much fun to watch them fly.

Cathy said...

You get some of the most beautiful close-up bird photos! We've been seeing bluebirds on a regular basis now that we have the boxes up, but I haven't been able to get a picture. But we're enjoying watching their comings and goings.

Pam in IL said...

I'd say that was too close! I've encountered a bobcat a few feet in front of me on a trail and while it promptly ran away, that was too close for me.

Love all the birds. We have a pair of Swallows making a nest under the upstairs deck, which happens to be right over my swing on the downstairs deck.

Margaret said...

Yikes! I hope the cats don't encounter the bobcat again. That's scary! Your bird pics are always so wonderful.

Barb said...

I'm so glad the cats are safe!! How scary! As usual, wonderful bird photos!

Melanie said...

Yikes. :(
Fearless tigers a house cat may be but they won't win a fight with a bobcat. :(