Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday in the Park

Sunday dawned a lovely day, so we headed down to Greenwich to look at the 'Cutty Sark'. The intricacy of the rigging on this this tea clipper is amazing.

I was pleased to see several interesting food vendors set up nearby.

We decided to take in the Greenwich Market.
The market's emphasis changes throughout the week. On Sunday it featured arts and crafts vendors (and food) and reminded me of my own local Saturday Market. 
We then walked over to National Maritime Museum.  I loved this new piece of art.  It's called "Nelson's Ship in a Bottle".  It is 15 feet long and 9 feet in diameter.  It is wonderfully done and so appropriate to its site. 

We walked through the park and up to the Observatory.

From the Observatory there are wonderful views across the Thames to the city.  On the far left the white dome of St. Paul's is visible.
Greenwich Park is very large with lots of mature trees.

There is a nice Flower Garden.  Lilacs, azaleas and rhododendrons provided lots of color interest.

The back left corner of the park is a nature reserve for a group of Red and Fallow deer.  

There is lots to see and do in Greenwich Park.
On such a fine and sunny day, I think everyone enjoyed their visit.
We ended our day in Greenwich by traversing the 375 yard long Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames River.  

We popped up on the other side of the river and were able to enjoy this vista of Greenwich. 
Two days of walking, walking, and more walking - no wonder my poor feet are throbbing!


cucki said...

Such fun Sunday :)
Hugs x

Ann at Beadlework. said...

You certainly took in a lot today - the views over London are great. The London skyline has changed quite a bit over recent years. Those tea clippers were amazing as you say - you just need to look at one and you feel transported back in time.

Giovanna said...

Love the Observatory - so much history, and so significant as a reference point. Thank for sharing the great pictures.

backporchcarver said...

Enjoyed your post. Especially liked the view of the city and the ship was amazing.

Barb said...

Such an interesting post. I agree, that ship in a bottle is so interesting!! Take care of those feet. That must be difficult with so much to see!!

Gwendellyn said...

Oh, I loved visiting Greenwich! My grandparents took me to England when I was 11, and I remember visiting the Cutty Sark and going to the Observatory and looking at the meridian line :)I can't believe how different the skyline looks, though...I guess it was 12 years ago though, wow!

I love all the pictures you've been taking, thanks for the travelogue updates!

Mary said...

I am enjoying your photos, never sure if I could bring myself to walk "under" the Thames. England's gardens are so spectacular. Hope Mom is enjoying the trip you need a nice Cream tea.

Margaret said...

How cool to see the Greenwich Observatory!! The whole reason for Greenwich mean time. :D Love seeing the Cutty Sark too! Everything is so cool! I bet your feet are tired -- but boy it's worth it!

Vickie said...

Very interesting. I like the long tunnel. Rest up now!

Pam in IL said...

Great way to spend a Sunday! Looks like you had a lovely day.