Monday, May 6, 2013

The May 2013 Blog Header Revealed

I wondered if anyone could guess the May Header Blogging Theme.
What tied together the thirty-seven designs as shown below?
Several of you correctly guessed - ALPHABETS!

May 2013 Blog Header

The details are listed below - the rows are vertical rows.

Row #1: Little by Little, "Rendered by Samplar"; SamSarah, "Sadie Stuart - Summer Bee Sampler"; Chessie & Me, "Quaker Bee Sampler"; Sisters & Best Friends, "Burt Lake Sampler"; Crazy Folk, "Fly by Night".

Row #2:Heart in Hand, "Tall Tree Sampler"; Lizzie Kate, "Spring Basket"; The Trilogy, "Happy Chirp Chirp Day"; Leisure Arts, "A Sampling of Tradition - Noah's Sampler" by Kandace Thomas; "Birds of a Feather, "Alphabet Sampler". 

Row #3: Plum Street Samplers, "Free Bird"; Bent Creek, "Hope"; The Trilogy, "Out of the Box"; Cross Stitch Sampler Magazine April 1995, Janelle Marie Designs, "Geranium Sampler". 

Row #4: La-D-Da, "Bloomin Alphabet"; Bent Creek, "The Sampling"; Just Nan, "Blue Bird Sampler" Twisted Threads, "Harvest Trio - Bitty Birds Sampler".

Row #5: Curtis Boehringer, "Jack-O-Lantern Sampler"; BrightNeedle, "Twin Hearts Sampler"; Twisted Threads, "Spelling Bees"; Ewe & Eye & Friends, "Peacock Spot Sampler"; Homespun Elegance, "There is a Garden".
Row #6: The Goode Huswife, "The Cat Sampler"; Heart in Hand, "Spring Alphabet"; The Trilogy, "Happy Gobble Gobble Day".

Row #7: Cedar Hill, "Country Poppies"; Hog River, Ladybug Sampler"; Just Cross Stitch MAgazine - Halloween 2012, Knotted Tree, "Little Owl Sampler"; Heart in Hand, "Sunflower Sampler".

Row #8:Better Homes & Garden, "Prize Winning Mini Samplers - Fruit Sampler"; The Drawn Thread, "For the Birds"; BrightNeedle, "Bright Winter"; Blackbird Designs, "With Needle and Thread - Simple Harvest"; The Cricket Collection, "Green Thumb - A-Bee-C"".

Row #9: Bent Creek,"Lydia Sill"; Twisted Threads, "Gingham Hearts".

And that wraps up the May Blog Header.  Leave a comment of email me directly if you have questions.


cucki said...

Wow so pretty x

Jennifer said...

Very pretty. Thanks for the info on the samplers. This is my first visit to your blog and I was just going to ask about on of the designs.

Pam in IL said...

Lovely header and thanks for the design info. How long did it take you to get/stitch all those pieces in the header?

Margaret said...

Wow! What a header! Good theme!

Barb said...

As I said before, that is an amazing header!

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, I would stitch every single one of these!