Monday, October 17, 2011

Changable Weather

I've kitted up another Flora McSample sampler by Lizzie Kate.  This one is called "Boo Sampler" and has some unusual color combinations.
I'm still recovering from a 7:15pm football game Saturday night.  Oregon hosted Arizona State - we (Oregon) won - but I did not get home until around midnight.  That was fine with the cats who voted overwhelmingly for a midnight repast, then fell right to sleep.  I did not fall asleep as quickly or easily, and thus I felt logy all day Sunday.

Who could tell if the cats felt logy?

We ended up getting some sunshine and blue sky in the late afternoon.
The bunnies and quail love all the new green grass that has popped up with our recent rains.

The deer are content as well - though they munched on my chrysanthemums last night. 

We ended the day with a lovely cloud formation.


Linda said...

What a beautiful sky...I love when the clouds streak across the sky like that! Love the header too...I think I have forgotten to mention how wonderful your headers are each month!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

That is an extremely bonnie photo of Parvati.

CalamityJr said...

Glad you won the game, and how thoughtful of you to plant the mums for the deer's dining enjoyment!

Mouse said...

ooo it certainly has a weird colour combination but strangely enough it works Parvati looks like he is contemplating getting up but can't be bothered and great shots of the animals too :) take care :) love mouse xxxx