Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Berries Here...Berries There

Design - "Sweet Berries" (freebie)
Designer - Little House Needleworks
Fabric - 28 count Summer Khaki Cashel
Fibers - Crescent Colors - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 11 September 2011
Completed - 4 October 2011

I decided not to stitch the yellow French knots in the strawberries.  I tried it on one, and did not care for it.  I am in love with the basket of berries - that is what I think really makes this piece pop!  

And speaking of berries...
It's Wednesday, so it's time to share my latest Walk.

I got up in time to see a lovely sunrise!

Someone, I'm not sure who, has been hard at work stripping the bark from this snag.

The leaves of the Himalayan Blackberries have started to turn...

...and I return again to the wild Dogwood tree.  The leaves are beginning to change color.  But more than that I am so pleased to see small round green fruit on this tree.

I think this shot epitomizes the glory of Autumn!
I have a nasty feeling that it is Poison Oak - but it sure is pretty.

Ash tree leaves...

...and unidentified berries of some sort...

The Vine Maple is having a shout-out!

Acorn production continues apace...

And this is cool! 
These are "green" (unripe) berries of False Solomon Seal.

And these are ripe False Solomon's Seal berries.

Even the Big Leaf Maple is putting on a display.

While the leaves of the Ash tree aren't much to look at in the Fall, the sprays of light green seeds are interesting.

And a plant identification break through!

Upon closer look, these wonderful red berries are the Autumn color of our wild Honeysuckle as it rambles over and around a Blackberry thicket.

I hope you've enjoyed today's walk.
No rain and mild temperatures.  That's all one can ask for in October.


trillium said...

I love your pictures! I'm going to Eugene next Tuesday--can't wait. I hope it doesn't rain the whole week.

geeky Heather said...

So many interesting berries today!! Who knew honeysuckle got berries in the Fall? Certainly not me. And those white berries are so stunning! Congratulations on your own indoor berries; it's a very sweet finish. Yellow seeds on the strawberries seem strange! I'd have made them dark brown or black.

MoonBeam said...

Loved walking with you, but I continue to be fascinated with your collages. It took me a minute to realize all the pix were from the one sampler. Cool. I must make time to experiment one of these days!


butterfly said...

Love your Berries stitching looks fab.

Nancy said...

Love your berry stitching! Think you are right on about that being poison turns such a pretty red in the fall.

Siobhan said...

Sweet finish! It's adorable!

KarenV said...

Cute finish and great photos!

Tracey said...

Beautiful photos! I love your finish- I have that in my stash- I think I even have bought all the threads to do it, and still haven't! I need to get it done! :)

carol fun said...

Your pictures are fabulous! Love them! And the cross stitch piece is wonderful -- the basket of berries is my favorite too.

Beth said...

I love your berries -and of course your great berry pix!!

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing your walk photos!
Your stitching is beautiful!