Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animal Sightings

I saw this very large 'Garden Art Rabbit' at a local nursery.
Is it cute, or just plain scary?

While walking to catch a bus to the U. of Oregon football game Saturday morning, I spied this group of deer... 

The herd of five is not just cool art; they provide the means to safely lock up bicycles!

As it was Game Day, the cut flower bouquets reflected school colors.

Saturday after the Game, I counted 25 California Quail in the backyard.

With no snow forecast in the Pacific NW, I was the recipient of in a lovely sunset too.


krayolakris said...

Animals without eyes are sort of scary looking! Love the quail!

Mouse said...

mmmmm not sure i would want that looking at me in the garden ... love the cycle holders and the sun set is gorgeous :) love mouse xxxx