Friday, June 3, 2011

We Are All About Birds Today

I took "Bluebird Sampler" with me on a road trip up to Portland Monday.  I was able to make a nice start. The alphabet uses GAST Simply Shaker colors which gives a soft muted look to the piece.

Many of the birds outside are anything but muted these days! 

I was lucky to catch a hummingbird at work in the Fuchsia. 

The male Grosbeak in unashamedly vibrant!

The Band-tailed Pigeon's coloring is a quiet Quaker Gray.  The birds though are  anything but quiet.  We now have a group of 35-40 of them - way too many!  A friend calls them Aircraft Carriers (size), and they can wolf down a day's worth of bird food in fifteen minutes.

I'd much rather have 35-40 California Quail!

I caught this Hummingbird resting on the Front Porch.

He then flew up to eat amongst the blossoms of the Fuchsia.


Gabi said...

Beautiful pictures. From your stitching and your garden birds. Bluebird sampler looks already lovely.
Love also your blog header. All those bee's and bee hives are looking great

Linda said...

Your sampler is coming along nicely...I know what you mean about the birds...I spent the better part of the morning feeding them all!