Saturday, June 4, 2011

All Things Green and Growing and Glowing

Well the heart motif on "Cluck Cluck" is green, and it is growing as I stitch.  So that counts right?  On to the Outdoors... 

A young Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesiigrow side-by-side. 

This time of year the new growth "candles" on the pine are in clear evidence.   Pines are identified by the number of needles in a bundle - and come in two, three and five needle bundles.  This pine has three needles per bundle - I think it is a Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa).

The new growth tips of the Douglas-Fir boughs glow as well.  The Douglas-Fir is not a "True Fir" - its cones hang down, rather than stand upright.  It is a member of the genus Pseudotsuga in the family Pinaceae.  We commonly refer to them as "Doug-Firs".

I have this in a pot and love the blue gray new growth.  I've lost the tag so it is an Unknown...a Lovely Unknown!

It contrasts nicely with new growth on the Dwarf Balsam Fir (Abies blasamea "Nana").  It's growing in a large pot.

And look at the Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) - isn't it lovely?
Or is it a Grand Fir ( Abies grandis)?

The Oregon White Oaks (Quercus garryanaare finally leafing out.  This Oak is draped in Methuselah's Beard Lichen (Usnea longissima).


blue star stitcher said...

I love your new header, what a cute bee motif! Were they all stitched by you?

Gabi said...

Cute chicken!!! And right you are to spend your time outdoors. It seems to be lovely weather.

Linda said...

Cute chicken! Are all those trees on your property? They're wonderful!