Friday, June 24, 2011

For the Birds

I thought I'd show off some of the plants that are performing really well right now...then I realized the Hummingbirds could serve as our guides.  

This Penstemon "Electric Blue" is going gung-ho!

As is the Agastache "Acapulco".

I bought a new Lewisia and it meets with Hummingbird Approval.

As tiny as the blossoms are on the Lavendar pinnata, the Hummingbirds are able to find nectar. 

The plants on the Back Patio have created a Hummingbird Haven.

I'm sure the little guys are grateful!


MoonBeam said...

Great h.bird photos! I've hardly ever seen one perched like that.


Nancy said...

Great pics!

carol fun said...

Pretty plants and very happy hummingbirds! Great pics!

Linda said...

Great pictures! I love all the little hummers buzzing around the captured them so well...I have a tough time doing that!

Mouse said...

awww lovely to see them in their natural surroundings :) love mouse xxxx