Saturday, June 25, 2011

Christmas (Preview) in June

Yesterday turned out to be all about errands.  I was out and about most of the day.  At Barnes and Noble I spied (and purchased) the above magazine - the JCS Christmas Ornament Preview.  While my thoughts at the moment are all about the 4th of July and accompanying festivities, I confess to be charmed by Knotted Tree's Snowman Ornament. 

On the Nature Front, let me begin by telling you about the Undocumented Sightings:
#1 Thursday afternoon a Bobcat ran out in front of our car about 1/2 mile west of our house.  I did not get more than a glimpse as I thought we might hit it and and closed my eyes (I was not driving!).  Anyway that was exciting and unexpected.

#2. Far more pedestrian, the first look at a doe with her extremely young spotted fawn in a small meadow on our property.  Sooner or later I'll be able to get a photo or two.

And now for my Nature in the Raw photos!
The (Extremely Large) California Quail Family
Please excuse the quality of the photos.  I was in the car looking straight at bright sunlight and shade. On Monday or Tuesday we had the first glimpse of this family, these photos were taken Friday.  I'm always amazed at how small the quail babies are and at their appearance too.  They are yellow and brown striped like baby ducks.  

Here you can see 8 or 9 babies being gently herded by a parent, and you can get an idea of just how small they are.

  If you look closely or click on the photo you can see two babies just above the tail of Daddy Quail.  My mother counted as the tribe ran back and forth on the driveway and she believes this beleaguered couple is caring for 15 babies!  15! It will be interesting to watch and see how many of the brood make it to maturity...and to see if any of our other quail couples become parents.

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Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love the "babies" - I just hope they survive to maturity. They must be very vulnerable to predators at that age.