Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Bee For Your Pleasure and Other Things Which Fly

Some folks left comments requesting further "Bee Stitches". 
So here you are!

Design - "Saturday Sampler #4 - Furnished with Bees"
Designer - The Sampler Girl
Fabric - 28 cnt Wichelt Hazelnut Country French linen
Fibers - Crescent Colours - Olive Branch, Fools Gold, Tyler Boy Blue
Victoria Clayton Silk - Brown Ale
The Gentle Art Sampler Threads - Raven
Started - 9 March 2009
Completed - 30 March 2009
Framed - August 2010

This was a joy to stitch.  I loved the effect the variegated floss Tyler Boy Blue created with the verse.  The blue mat picks up the color as well.

Our Nature Post today is "For the Birds".

I bought a new suet feeder to try and keep out the starlings.  They flock the feeder and can eat a brick of suet in a day.  So this is the new contraption.  It looks rather like a jail cell, but the Downy Woodpeckers have figured out how to use it and don't seem bother by it - and the suet is lasting much longer.  

I also bought a peanut feeder and the Scrub Jays are thrilled.

Peanuts appear to be one thing the Band-Tailed Pigeons do not eat!

Nor for that matter do the Hummingbirds!


Teresa said...

Hi, I am a new follower. Love your Bee stitching.
Last week we drove home from Washington to California, I saw many of the wild flowers you have pictured. You have a beautiful and lushful state.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Nancy said...

As always, lovely photos! Love the bee stitch!